Sense F5J

Aeromodelis would like to present new glider for F5J class – “Sense”. This a project of Benjamin Rodax and Aeromodelis company and it is main driver Andrei Iakovlev

It was a long way for the team and many sleepless nights.
The model is designed and optimised for F5J class only.
Utilising a solid Rohacell core technology allowed going further in design goals and pushing the limits

The “Sense” has 3 ps. wing with root chord 235 mm wide and 3.94 spans and one-piece fuselage with detachable X tails. Root airfoil is 7.5% with 6.5% at the tips. The model has AR 20.7, having 73,4 wing area and 7.7 dm2 elevators area. In the airfoil design Benjamin was extra careful to reach optimal cruise- and climb performance over a wide speed range for the corresponding flap setting. The complete aircraft is optimised for best performance and handling. The Handling is a first class citizen in the design goals.

First prototypes went with weight for full Astro carbon wing in range of 1150-1200 gram and with small saving and using carboline carbon on the tips about 1100 grams. For sure version for FAI limit wing loading is possible.

Sense is a sports machine without compromises: slim fuselage, long central panel 1,68m (shipping issues, but one of the aerodynamic design decisions and possibility to keep weight down). is listening to the customers, so some changes and improvements are possible

Special offer for test pilots!