Flitzebogen2 (Flitz Modern)

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Flitz modern

Development task of the new Flitzebogen is a further improvement of distance flying, without losing much of the good slow flying characteristics of Flitz1.
The aerodynamic facilities are extended by the positive trend in weight and stiffness of the airframe.

A few key points for the implementation:
– new thinner set of six airfoils for local Reynolds numbers, with the same zero-lift angle,
for a non twisted wing.
less drag than Flitz1 up to Cl 0.6, with minimal more drag in higher lift area.
the thickness of the inner profile is adapted to the thinnest currently available servos.
– constant chord for the flaps of 28% of the local chord depths.
– higher aspect ratio and maintaining the depth of the tips for further uncritical slow flying.
– less wingarea to reduce the take-off mass in windy conditions.
– further reduction of fuselage surface.
– cambered elevator to save dragcounts at low speeds.