German F3K Championship 2020

Congratulations to Flitz 2 pilot Elmar Bachmann for 2nd place at the German open F3k 2020 in Uetze.

On the first weekend in July we met with a wind forecast of 7-14m/s for the 21st German Championship F3k.

The first day we were able to fly 9 rounds with wind between 6 and 10m/s. Despite some very good thermals, the new tasks 3 times Poker in 10min and one start in 10min cost partly many points.

My F2 ballasted to 370g was very comfortable to fly and I was very happy about position 2 up to round 7.

After a very good flight on round 8 I risked a little too much and was 3m outside the field.

Elmar did better and was able to improve on day 2 with even more wind to reach rank 2 with 99.4% in the end. The last 2 rounds at 8-14m/s gusts, we flew our F2 standard with up to 450g.

Thanks Aeromodelis for the quality of the models that can withstand such extreme weather conditions.

Jochen Reuter